Monday, July 11, 2011

Momma's Locks @ 6 months!!!

So...I don't even know if I mentioned my mom finally had her Sisterlocks installed in January of this year!  Whoohoooo!!!!  Well here is a comparison pic of her at 6 months!

Friday, June 10, 2011


May 31 was my Sisterlocks' birthday...they are 3 years old now!! Growing up, growing up! I can't believe I haven't made a new post since November...then again...yes I can believe it...crazy, crazy days...but anyway, here's a comparison pic! The color on the 36 months pics was from March 2011, but I got more (summer color) June 5, so will post pics of that later...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I made the website!!

One of my pictures from my photoshoot done at the Sisterlocks Homecoming in July 2010 was used on the official Sisterlocks website!!  

It's on a page for the Sisterlocks Explosion happening in ATL December 4, 2010!    

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanks...2008 vs 2009 vs 2010

Since I've done a post of my Sisterlocks for the past 2 Thanksgiving Days, I figured I should keep the tradition going!


...experimenting w/ first collage!!  :-)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fall/Winter 2010 Color!

I saw Blenna the weekend of September 18 and about 4 weeks later my hair was a 'mess!' - Now when I say mess, it was a Sisterlocks mess which means I still had the greatest hair ever and only I KNEW what was really going on and that it was time to be 'touched!' 

So, me and a 'friend' took a roadtrip to Memphis for me to get my hair did...yep, I drove...I'll re-phrase that in case my 'friend' reads this some day - WE DROVE 20 hours for me to get my hair done (and I can say WE b/c I did drive approximately 3 hours, although my 'friend' says I only drove 1 hour!).  Yes, that is special...but so are my locks...and so are Blenna's hands! 

Here are the beautiful North Carolina mountains 'friend' drove so safely through...I didn't do ANY mountain driving!

We ate at Houston's...visited the Stax Museum...

Here's Isaac Hayes' caddy...there was fur instead of carpet and a tv inside!

We also visited the Lorraine Motel...we missed the time to walk through the Civil Rights Museum that it was made into because it closed at 5 pm on Sundays... 
We ate at the original Neely's BBQ restaraunt and overall just had a great Hallween weekend in MEM!! 

 Here's our grub...and me grubbin'!

 ...and see, I DID DRIVE! - you can even see how there is that 'movement' out of the window!!!
 ...and's the lovely color!!!...and as for the 'mess' of my hair...Apparently I went through a growth spurt because she even created a new lock on the side! WOW!

 LIVE.LOVE.LOCK...Sisterlock, that is!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

No time for negativity..

...tooo many things to do!

3 days 4 locking sessions!

So, my wonderful consultant, mentor, friend, big sis, Blenna Williams, came to town last Thursday and we worked together on 4 locking sessions over 3 days...and 2 retightenings...and I got MY locks retightened too!  It always feels SO good to be in the chair!  My last retightening was June 26! That is wayyyyyy too long in between for me...if I lived near Miss Blenna (Memphis, TN), I'd be in the chair every 5 weeks on the dot!  You may be reading this and thinking "Aren't you a consultant Syreeta?  You can retighten your own locks!"  ...and you are SO correct!  I sure could, but my arms in the 'up' position just hurts too bad!  In between seeing Miss Blenna, I have retightened the first lock of each row to camoflauge (however you spell that) the afro-growth going on...I am just so NOT interested in retightening my own locks.  That's one of the reasons I had my hair Sisterlocked anyway...because I was tired of twisting and doing my hair myself...if I retighten my locks, that's the same positioning of my arms as 2-strand twisting it!

...anyway...I haven't recovered yet from the weekend yet...Blen left on Sunday eve, I went to work Monday, visited with friends who recently had a precious lil' baby boy, went to work Tuesday and had a retightening client after, went to work Wednesday and had a retightening it's Thursday - work, chiropractor appointment, Young Girls' class @ church, retightening client @ 8:30 pm....OMG!  But Friday work, but no clients, and Saturday and Sunday I have to do whatever I so desire! 

My sister and I took a jewelry making class a few weeks ago and Michael's is having a bead sale (1/2 off!) AND there is a bead show in the city this weekend, so I will work on my new hobby this weekend!!  YAY! I'll have to post some of our creations!  We only know how to do neckaces so far...

Oh yeah!! I'm excited!! I got a phone call yesterday from MY Master Sisterlocks Trainer, Michelle Bryant - she says she is forwarding my certification packet to Dr. Cornwell with a strong recommendation to certify me!!  So soon, I shall be a CERTIFIED Sisterlocks Consultant!!  Crossing my fingers, legs, arms, toes, and Sisterlocks that Dr. C. approves of me!!

Below are pics of one of our newest Sisterlocked sisters...Miss A.  {Sisterlocksversary 16Sep10}

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sisterlocks Homecoming 2010!

Yay! I finally went to THE SISTERLOCKS HOMECOMING!!..and I am SO glad I did!  Since I have had my locks (May 2008), I was 'going' to Homecoming and I finally made it July 2010!  I marked the second weekend of July on my calendar as soon as I bought it and did not allow myself to schedule client appointments on that weekend!  So me, my sister (and Sisterlocks client) and a friend (also a Sisterlocks client!) were in San Diego Thursday - Monday and had an awesome time!! If you are a Sisterlocks wearer or consultant or just love you some Sisterlocks (but don't have them for whatever reason), San Diego, CA is the place to be on the second weekend of July...forever! 

The keynote speaker of this year's event was Miss Linda "Mosetta" Jones, creater of the Nappy Hair Affair!  She was hilarious and just she strolled around the (outdoor) room tapping everyone on their naps with her magic afro-wand!  She was a comedian! 

Dr. Cornwell was just her awesome self!  I have talked to/interacted with Dr. C in person twice in my life and each time I love her more!!  She's just a down-to-earth, powerful, inspiring...just an awesome person!!  Dr. C and the entire Sisterlocks staff were the best and fed us well the entire weekend!  We took a tour of San Diego and met the original sisters of SISTERlocks - Miss Carol and Miss Celeste! 

It is SO worth the investment to take the trip!  We met some other lovely Sisterlocks wearers and consultants from across the country who we have kept in touch with since we made new friends!...everybody say "awwwww!"  I also met a cutie...he lives in Cali and I am in NC so...  :-) my computer is not being my friend right now and not allowing me to upload the photos that I want to...  Oh yeah - I did, well all 3 of us had our first Sisterlocks photoshoot!!  John did an awesome job!  I think I am posting some pictures below, but I keep getting weird messages as I am working on this, so we'll see if they show up!  I think there is a picture posted of Mosetta and her afro-wand below too! 

Well I expect to see more of you Sisterlocks folks at the Homecoming 2011...North Carolina - we are gonna represent next year!! :-)

Monday, May 31, 2010


Alright, so my posts are few and far between, so I'm just not even going to say "I will do better" anymore.  I'll post and I'm not gonna promise how often I will do so!  

Anyway, here's a pic at a wedding on my 2 year Sisterlocksversary (May 31, 2010) - i backdated the post (I am really posting on 10Jul10 while I am at the Sisterlocks Homecoming!!).  I'll have to do a post showing comparisons of my locks over the 2 years.  I still love my locks more and more each day.  I NEVER have a bad hair day!  Even when it's been wayyyy too long in between retightenings, I'll just curl it up and it hides all the new growth!!  

Be blessed and rock your Sisterlocks!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Prayerful Road to Recovery from Paralysis

This is a bit lengthy and not at all about hair, but I must share this with you and I hope you are touched even one tenth of a percent as much as I am!!

Anton X Clifford is the nephew of a dear friend of mine. Anton is a 17 year old young man who suffered a spinal cord injury in a car accident during his Christmas vacation with family in Jamaica in 2009. Anton is currently paralyzed from the shoulders down. Since the accident, I have watched Anton's awesome attitude about life and his situation and I have been so touched by his story. Anton is confident that he WILL walk again and I believe it! One day he will be on Oprah because he sure is somebody special (next year is her last season so he's got some work to do!)!!

Anyway, due to the accident, Anton's parents are currently facing financial difficulties. Many, many costs were incurred over the past months and will continue for some time to come - medical care in Jamaica, transportation from Jamaica to Miami, care in Miami, transportation from Miami to home (Atlanta area), appropriate wheelchairs, home remodeling, a wheelchair accessible vehicle...and the list goes on and on...and there are many expenses insurance is not covering.

A fundraiser has been started by Anton's aunt and myself via our church to assist the Clifford family during these challenging times.

If you feel any desire to donate to the family, you can do so, using the button in this post (other than what PayPal takes, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Clifford family).

Otherwise, if you believe and pray, please pray, pray, pray for the Clifford family!!

I have also added links where you can read about Anton's story - his father wrote an update EVERYDAY while Anton was in the Shephard Center in Atlanta, GA on the Caring Bridge website! The second link is the current website the family is using to share updates about Anton's recovery.

Anton's Story - Caring Bridge

Anton's Current Website

I thank you SO, SO much in advance for any donation you are able to make and for any prayer that is lifted up on behalf of the Clifford family!

Peace and blessings to you and yours!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Call Me Colored!

I am SO overdue in posting, but just figured I'd share my new hair! I went to Salon Nautrelle and my awesome consultant Blenna, colored and tightened me up! Blenna is the best! I'm in love with my Sisterlocks!! : )
...actually, looks like my Sisterlocks will be my Valentines' date :-/

WAIT! - this is my first post in 2010 so HAPPY 2010 to everyone out there!! Live, Love and Lock!...well, Sisterlock!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanks...2008 vs 2009

Gosh, the past 12 months have flown by and so much has happened!  I am thankful to God for so many blessings and for every experience, good or bad!  Here are just a few things I am thankful no particular order:  good health and mind, J-O-B, Sisterlocks hair freedom, the best Sisterlocks clients anyone could have, Dr. Cornwell, Natalie Owens, positive relationships, friends and family...
....and of course must share some comparison pics of my locks...the first is Thanksgiving 2008, the second is Thanksgiving 2009!!  Whooohooooo!!!  Look @ all that hair! : )   

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Nat

Our friend Natalie (in the middle) who is fighting a very fierce fight against ovarian cancer and lupus! 
Love you Natalie!!  You are my SHEro!!
UPDATE:  Natalie passed away on 15 Dec 2009 - RIP Nat! We love you girl! *Angel*

Nov Install #3 - Miss K

Lockversary: 21 Nov 09...the pics are her last combing, a back view, then side view!!  : )
Welcome to the fam Miss K!!  : )

Nov Install #2 - Miss D

Lockversary: 15 Nov 09
Pics are the back before, side before and then 2 after pics!  Welcome to the fam Miss D!!  : )

Nov Install #1 - Miss K

Lockversary:  09 Nov 09
Pics of the back after install!!  Welcome to the fam Miss K!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Just Some Sisterlocks!

Here are some pics of some clients after their retightens...I need to become a "stylist" so I've started practicing a bit on some of my clients!  : )

Miss L...Lockversary: 09 Apr 09! 
We were lockin' her down ON my 30th birthday!  : ) (01Nov09)

Miss J - lockversary 17 Apr 09 - w/ permed ends! (31Oct09)

Miss M - Lockversary 09 Aug 09 (11Nov09)
...and this is me...25 Oct lockversary is 31 May 08

Sunday, October 25, 2009

6 clients 9 days

This was a busy week full-o-Sisterlockin' = 6 clients over 9 days!!   Below are a few pics of 5 of the clients after their retightening sessions...I have used my wonderful Soft Spikes curlers a few times now and I loves 'em!!  They take a while to get them in, but so worth it!  The first time I used them I did not quite get the look I was going for...but the second time I had curls that lasted for 2 weeks, but had to wash!!  : )  Anyway...I'll do a Soft Spikes curlers post another day...